Bangalore based manufacturer and supplier of Water Purifiers for borewell and soft water, anti-scale physical softening device for water chilling plant, geyser to avoid scale and save energy and also for washing machine to save detergent, energy and avoid scale on the tubs.
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Fresh 'n' Clean

Fresh 'n' Clean
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Benefits of using Fresh ‘n’ Clean J with a Washing Machine
  • Saves Detergent

  • Leaves less traces of detergent on clothes

  • Causes no discoloration

  • Gives soft & hygienic wash

  • Renders heater coil and tub scale-free

Benefits of using Fresh ‘n’ Clean J with a Kitchen
  • Saves Detergent

  • Cleaner & sparkling dishes

  • Scale-free tub & utensils

Benefits of using Fresh ‘n’ Clean J with a Geyser
  • Scale-free container & heating coil, thus increasing the life and efficiency of the appliance

  • When bathing, your skin will feel softer and not dry & itchy

  • Decreases hair fall, and your hair will feel silky and more manageable

Benefits of using Fresh ‘n’ Clean J with a Geyser
  • Gives you clean hygienic water for cooking purposes

  • Quicker cooking, therefore saves fuel

  • Tastier coffee and tea

  • Protects against kidney stones and strengthens the immune system of body

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